Monday, December 17

Out of Studio Notice: Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! The Broken Box Designs' studio will be closed Tuesday 12/18/07 - Friday 1/4/08. However, please feel free to email us with inquiries, questions, comments... as we'll be checking emails periodically. Thanks for a great year and looking forward to many creations to come in 2008!
- Wendy :)

Logo Design: "Bright Line Apparel"

Logo design for "Bright Line Apparel." Website coming soon.

Friday, December 14

Kids Art Projects: "Soap Pump Creatures"

©2007 Broken Box Designs™

This is a super easy, unique kids' art project that recycles empty soap pumps into a useful soap pump/lotion bottle for kids! Below is all the information needed to get started!

- empty soap pump/bottle (plastic)
- colored craft feathers
- 1 pipe cleaner
- 2 wiggly eyes
- clear packaging tape -or- hot glue gun (with parent supervision)
- glue
- (optional) foam plate or clean empty container

1) Rinse out an empty soap bottle pump and peal the labels off sides if possible.
2) Select medium sized (2-3 inches long) colored craft feathers to cover your bottle.
3) Tape feathers around the plastic sides of your bottle with clear packing tape. Adhere feathers as far up the bottle as you wish and have fun creating a colorful feather pattern!
4) To create arms...cut pipe cleaner in 1/2. Bend about a 1/2" of pipe cleaner to 90 degree angle, and twist the remaining length around your finger or a pencil to create twirl.
5) Tape the short straight part of pipe cleaner to bottle (wherever you would like your creature's arms).
6) Glue 2 wiggly eyes to top of pump with small dots of glue. Set aside to dry.

7) Use a foam plate or empty clean empty foam container to create feet for your creature! Simply cut out 2 feet shapes and tape to the bottom of bottle.
8) Add some hair to your creature by taping a little feather, ribbon, or yarn behind wiggly eyes on pump.

Have fun, use your imagination & BE CREATIVE!

Tuesday, December 11

Hand Illustrated Christmas Cards: An Alternative to Photo Cards!

I love creating these super unique, custom illustrated Christmas cards! I think they are a great alternative to the standard photo card that have become so overdone - not to say they aren't nice and fun to get ;). These are neat because they are little works of art that can be saved year after year.

"BOWtique Girl" Vector Figures

Set of custom designed vector figures in funky, simple style for easy digitizing. Will link to "BOWtique Girl" when their site is finished. ;)

Sunday, December 9

Shop: Plants & Paisleys, Baby Doll T-Shirt

Hip, unique, retro, hand illustrated "plants & paisleys" design. Unique color pallete filling brown line art. A fashionable garment with boutique like quality.

Shop: Colored Puppies, Kids Hoodie

A colorful row of adorable puppies, hand illustrated design. The perfect hoodie for the puppy lover! Available on a wide variety of tops!

Thursday, December 6

Tee-Shirt Design: "I'm a big brother!"

A new t-shrit design for "Clever Cuties."

Tuesday, December 4

Logo Design: "Taggys"

One of our latest illustrated logos for "Taggys." More information on "Taggys" to come!

Website Design: Navigation Icons

Design and illustration of navigational buttons/icons for "Shutterbug Baby Birth Announcements." Custom buttons are a great way to increase visual interest on your website! Contact us today :)

Monday, December 3

Support Something: The Troops

Support the troops with this cute little design featuring girl in yellow dress with heart holding up a yellow ribbon.

Sunday, December 2

Support Something: Breast Cancer Awareness

Show your support for breast cancer awareness. Hand drawn design features cute little girl with pink ribbon.

Support Something: The Environment

Support the environment in this adorable, hand-illustrated "green" design! "Go green" with this cute little girl in green dress holding potted seedling, shows your support of the environment.

Support Something: USA

Show your patriotism with this cute little girl proudly holding up the American Flag! Hand drawn design in red, white and blue colors. Great for the 4th of July/Independence Day, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day or any old day. Available on: tees, long sleeve tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, tanks, mugs, aprons, etc.