Below is information and resources that we have gathered and stumbled upon - regarding book publishing (mainly children's books). This list is a work in progress, information is added as we discover it. Please understand we are not saying that we have worked with all of these businesses; rather, that we suggest researching further to see if they might help you publish your book.

Self Publishing & Printing
Self Publishing - Additional Resources
Art Book Bindery
Buy an ISBN number
Lightning Source (print & distribute)

Other Children's Book Publishing Resources
Children's Writers & Illustrator's Market
Fast Pencil
Jacket Flap
Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators

Children's Book Publishers Submission Guidelines
Bloomsbury Kids
Kane Miller Book Publishers
Gryphon House

Book Publishers
BIG List of Children's Publishers
Random House

Book Printers
Book Masters
CMYK Graphics Inc.
Endeavor Printing
Keystone Digital Press
Print Pelican
United Graphics Incorporated
48 Hour Books
Top 100 Book Printers

e-Books & Online Books