Thursday, October 28

Introducing... "Invisible Isabelle"

Introducing "Invisible Isabelle," a children's book written and illustrated by me (Wendy Sefcik). I have been working on this book since 2009, and I am SO excited to finally be able to share it with the world! With bullying in the forefront of the media these days, I hope that the powerful message in Isabelle's story will spread.

"Invisible Isabelle" is a clever children's book that teaches the ever-valuable lesson of self-expression and individuality. The story's imaginative concept is creatively written in rhyme, and flows beautifully with vibrant, colored pencil illustrations.

Isabelle, the main character, is a young, aspiring fashion designer who creates a funky new outfit for the first day of school. At school, the kids make fun of her for her wacky outfit. Isabelle is hurt by their name calling. To avoid further embarrassment, she starts changing her outfit in order to "blend in" and look "normal."

After one too many changes, Isabelle's self-expression is lost and, "POOF!" she becomes INVISIBLE!

Miss Frizzle, a quirky art teacher, helps Isabelle regain her unique style (thus, her visibility) - learning a "valuable lesson of self-expression!"

A quote from a good friend...
"Unfortunately we live in a world where children are often cruelly forced to conform to social norms in order to "fit in," making them unhappy and depriving the world of their uniqueness. Invisible Isabelle shares with children an enlightening message of self-esteem that will empower belief in oneself, and that individuality is who we are and important to the entire world."
Laurie Monopoli, Child Development Specialist & Founder of "The Learning Station"

"Invisible Isabelle" is an 8.5" x 11" book with 28 brightly illustrated pages. Currently, it is only available in paperback & digital download, but a hardcover edition will be available soon too!

Only $14.44 (15% off regular price!)

Monday, October 25

From rough sketch to website header... another desk drawing!

Rough sketch of Kelly's desk..., colorized illustration...

End product = website header for "Travel Manager," Kelly Low.
Copyright © 2010 Kelly Low. All rights reserved.

PS: I just LOVE illustrating customers' desks. Gives me a glimpse into their world... or their desk I should say. I believe our desks are a reflection of us (the good and the bad is on my desk!) ;) What's on your desk? Is it tidy, messy, cluttered, disaster? What is the strangest thing on your desk? Is your desk wood, metal, plastic, fake wood? ;) Hummmm....

Friday, October 22

Baby's Facebook Wall

Copyright © 2010 Clever Cuties. All rights reserved.

Thursday, October 21

NEW Stock Art: Easter Toodle

Easter Toodle's eggs aren't painted yet (they're still bare)... but a silly little bunny is hiding them in her hair! Easter Toodle is wearing an adorable Easter dress, with flowers and eggs tucked in her hair, holding baskets with more flowers and eggs. File format: 1 print/web png with transparent background. CLICK TO BUY!

Tuesday, October 19

Custom Christmas Card

Copyright © 2010 Bill Luke. All rights reserved.
This is the fourth year I've illustrated Bill's custom Christmas card... showcasing his dog getting into some mischief on Christmas morning. :)

Monday, October 18

Logo Design: Goddess Flight

Copyright © 2010 Goddess Flight. All rights reserved.

Saturday, October 16

LOWER PRICES for ENTIRE Stock Art Collection!

ALL of our prices in Broken Box Stock collection have been cut. Shop Now!
New "Face Stamps" clipart. Click to buy.

Thursday, October 14

Roughly Sketched Map

Copyright © 2010 Skadaddle Media. All rights reserved.
Rough/concept sketch of The University of Arizona's campus map.

Wednesday, October 13

New Character To Act As Spokeswoman

Copyright © 2010 Stephen A. Pap, M.D.
This is the first version of a new character that will act as a little "spokesperson" on marketing materials for plastic surgeon, Stephen A. Pap, M.D. Illustrations above show from concept sketch to final illustration.

Monday, October 11

Blog Design & Graphics

Copyright © 2010 Heather Pranitis. All rights reserved.
Custom blog graphics for blogger, Heather Pranitis. This project began with a custom illustration of Heather's desk for her blog header...

... a custom footer... and grew into additional blog buttons, background, etc...

custom notecards...

... & business cards too!

Friday, October 1

Logo Design: Sassy & Classy

Copyright © 2010 Sassy & Classy, LLC. All rights reserved.
Logo Design and custom character for "Sassy & Classy."