Wednesday, September 22

Tuned-In, Texted-Out Toodles

This silly toodle is texting with her fingers & toes, she texting and texting and texting... to everyone she knows! CLICK HERE TO BUY!

Bougie Boutique Shop Illustration

Copyright © 2010 Bougie Boutique. All rights reserved.
This is an architectural rendering modeled after "Bougie Boutique" a hip clothing boutique in Columbus, Georgia. The shop is located in the trendy "Landings " shopping plaza. Several years ago I designed the Bougie Boutique logo, and was very happy to learn that Bougie Boutique is doing good. Wishing you all the best Bougie Boutique!

Visit for more info!

Wednesday, September 15

Toodle Sketches

These Toodles are coming soon... they are just rough sketches for now, just need to find time to finish them. This one is "Songbird Toodle" - her birdies sing to her...
This is "Easter Toodle", she's been in the sketch-stage for quite awhile, poor thing. ;)
I drew this Toodle on 9/11... she is holding an American flag (that still needs the stars added), with a little bunch of roses in hand and a hairdo inspired by the Statue of Liberty.

I am also working on a Toodle-Calendar, several of these will be included. I hope to have that finished by the holidays. All of these Toodles will be added to Broken Box Stock when finished.

Logo Design: Tiny Treasures

Copyright © 2010 Tiny Treasures. All rights reserved.
Custom logo design for an In-Home Child Care in Antioch, Tennessee: "Tiny Treasures."

Monday, September 13

Introducing... "Coffee Sketches"

"Coffee Sketches" is my new, more personal blog where my scribbly sketches, jotted thoughts, inspirations & observations are "blogged" while sipping my coffee in the morning. Don't we all work best with coffee? It is a fun little light-hearted, creative place I'll visit for 5-10 minutes each morning. Sketching is my most favorite part about art - lines aren't perfect yet... but they are "real."

So join me! Bring your coffee. Do you need cream or sugar? I take mine black. ;)

Saturday, September 11


Remembering this sad day, 9 years later. Still seems just like yesterday. Thank you to all of the men and women that keep our wonderful country safe. Thanking God that I was born in beautiful America. - God Bless America
Click here if you want to download this little birdie.

Friday, September 10

Custom Blog Header & Buttons

Copyright © 2010 Imogen Clark. All rights reserved.
I designed a custom blog header and some little title buttons along the right hand column of Imogen Clark's blog. Including custom Twitter and Facebook buttons, giving her blog a more cohesive, personalized look. For her header, I referenced a photo of her house and turned it into a whimsical little illustration. ;) Want to read her blog? Visit Imogen Clark At Home.

Wednesday, September 8

Logo Design: The Candy Cottage

Copyright © 2010 The Candy Cottage. All rights reserved.
Logo design for "The Candy Cottage".