Wednesday, April 29

Cleaning Out the Garage & Chocolate Chip Cookies

© Copyright Theresa Corvino. All rights reserved.
Children's book illustration of character cleaning out the garage :)

© Copyright Theresa Corvino. All rights reserved.
Yumm... a fresh batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Tuesday, April 28

Pantone Fashion Color Report - Spring 2009

As you are designing this Spring... familiarize yourself with this season's colors. Pantone makes a really fun report every season... it includes color and fashion trends as well as inspirations for each season.

Definitely don't color EVERYTHING in these Spring colors - maybe just pick one or two per design and build your palette from there. I think the goal should be color palettes that show you are "in" without being dull and boring. So, mix things up a bit, incorporate some colors that are off the charts... but keep in mind where the trends stem from. :)

Download your FREE copy of the "Pantone Fashion Color Report - Spring 2009". The Pantone website has a lot of great articles on color, so be sure to read on!

PS: The 2009 Fall Color Report is out too if you want to get a sneak peak! :)

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Friday, April 24

BBD on Facebook

Broken Box Designs is now on Facebook... though I'm still tinkering with our page! Check it out and become a fan, start a discussion or leave a review :)

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, April 22

Children's Book Illustrations

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Thursday, April 16


© Theresa Corvino
Here are some more sketches... I love sketching. It gets me away from the computer and back to paper and pencil. When the weather improves, I'll move outside to draw in the fresh air. :)

Monday, April 13

Some Sketches...

Just a couple sample sketches from a new book I'm illustrating. Still in the rough sketch stages, but its fun to see how things come together sketch by sketch! After I get the whole book sketched out, I'll tighten the illustrations up with black fine point marker and digitally color :)

© Theresa Corvino

Tuesday, April 7

Table of Contents

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Sample cookbook pages from Baby Love's Cupcakes Family Recipes Cookbook.