Monday, August 17

"I dream of Butter Cream!"

© Copyright Baby Love's Cupcakes. All rights reserved.
Baby Love is dreaming of her famous "Butter Cream" frosting in this custom vector illustration inspired by this classic photo of Barbara Eden.

Friday, August 14

Website Makeover - Busy Teacher

© Copyright Busy Teacher Shop.
Custom website graphics and layout design for Busy Teacher including: header, background, navigational buttons, ad banners, misc graphics and new teacher vector character.

This is the original design, that was in need of a little snazzing up :) New design is not "live" quite yet but should be soon.

Tuesday, August 11

Ballet Toodle

© Broken Box Designs, LLC.
This little pink "Toodle" is practicing her ballet :) Originally, I thought I was going to sell these... but now I'm thinking I like this style for a book. ;)

Busy Teacher Shop - Teacher Sketch

© Busy Teacher Shop. This is a rough sketch of a new teacher character to be incorporated in a new website layout for She'll be vectorized and colored to match the new site.

Monday, August 10

Sibling Tees

© Clever Cuties. All rights reserved.
Big Brother/Sister, Little Brother/Sister Sibling tee shirt designs for

Friday, August 7


This is my cat, Luigi. :) The majority of the work I've been doing lately is "secret" ... so figured I'd introduce you to my cat ;) This is pretty much his "job" all day. :) hee hee 

Monday, August 3

"Miss Blue" - Doodle

I think this gal (the finalized version) might have blue hair, cobalt blue eyes and a cute white dress... definitely using a marker for this final sketch :)