Friday, July 27

Gutzy Gear

If you haven't heard of Gutzy Gear and you have kids or need a cool kid gift, you must check them out at! I have been designing patches for Gutzy Gear and they are soon to be released in their "series 2" collection. I have highlighted in color the patches below that I designed in this collection... 
Here are a couple more patches that I designed for Gutzy Gear...

Be sure to browse their entire site as there are lots of fun things for kids such as e-cards, free downloads, games, polls, etc. :)

Copyright © 2012 Gutzy Gear, LLC. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, July 24

New Orleans Buildings

Custom illustration of New Orleans buildings...

Copyright © 2012 LS3 Studios. All rights reserved.

Monday, July 16

Pattern Designs

This trendy pattern features custom lettering. "NY" forms a heart when the two letters are combined. 

This unique design is available in over 12 vibrant color combinations. 

Twiggy legged chirp birds speak to us in this playful design. Word bubbles read: love, xo, dream, smile, sing, believe and cuddle. Available in a variety of color palettes. 

Both of these patterns are available for purchase/licensing. Copyright © 2012 Broken Box Designs, LLC. All rights reserved.