Friday, May 29

Baby Love As Marilyn

© Baby Love's Cupcakes. All rights reserved.
This is a poster of Baby Love from Baby Love's Cupcakes in the famous Marilyn pose.

Thursday, May 28

FREEBIE: Tee Shirt Design

© Broken Box Designs, LLC
Grab this cute tee-shirt design! Pre-formatted for shopkeepers as well as other common printing methods. :)
Download high-resolution png file.
Download low-resolution web file.

Wednesday, May 27

Toodles With Kite

© Broken Box Designs
This little "Toodles" is trying to fly her tangled kite. If the wind would blow harder it might just take flight!

Tuesday, May 26

Model Railroad Train Building Rendering

© Deignan Cos.
This is a digital rendering of model railroad train building from photo.

Friday, May 22

FREEBIE: Twitter Backgrounds

Happy Friday! Here are a couple FREE Twitter backgrounds. Just click the images to download. Then login to your Twitter page and upload your new background. ;)

Wednesday, May 20

Fishing At the Lake

© Theresa Corvino. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, May 19

Website Layout Design

© My Sales Tactics. All rights reserved.
Website design and layout for Website to go live soon :)

Friday, May 15

Baby Love & Pup

© Copyright Baby Love's Cupcakes. All rights reserved. 
This custom vector illustration is for Baby Love's cookbook/introduction page :) 

Monday, May 11

Colored Young-Reader Book Cover

© Copyright Ginny Karoub. All rights reserved.
Here is the colored book cover I posted the sketch of a couple days ago. I'll post another note when this book is published :)

Friday, May 8

Become A "Bitty Business"

Checkout my new project, "Bitty Businesses." It is a blog for small businesses to share ideas, advice, suggestions, tips, etc. on ways to grow your business. Its a casual spot, with simple topics. Posts will be short and to the point, providing quick business blurbs. No heavy reading material or complex subjects... just a little help center on ways to care for your bitty business and watch it grow.

Visit Bitty Businesses, become a member and post the Bitty Business seal on your site :)

Thursday, May 7

Young Reader Book Cover Sketch

© Copyright Ginny Karoub. All rights reserved.
I'm very very excited to get to the coloring on this young reader book cover by author, Ginny Karoub. Ginny is wonderful to work with and has such great talents! :)

Wednesday, May 6

Colored Children's Book Illustrations

© Theresa Corvino.
Some more colored children's book illustrations... making progress :)

Tuesday, May 5


© Broken Box Designs™
These little doodles were "born" on my grocery list... I'm calling them "Toodles." They're little doodles with joints like "noodles."

I want to draw oodles of them... toodles! :)