Friday, September 21

Custom Illustrations

Set of custom illustrations. Hand drawn, colored in Photoshop. Copyright © 2012 Elena Greene. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, September 19

"Naturally Pretty" Bracelet - Place your bid!

"Naturally Pretty" handmade beaded bracelet is up for auction on Ebay.

Tuesday, September 11

Custom Character Illustration

Custom character illustration modeled after Terri Thomas, for Terri Thomas :) Hand-drawn with black marker, digitally colored. Copyright © 2012 Terri Thomas. All rights reserved.

Friday, September 7

Egbert & Alvina Illustrations


Fist Bump

Happy Birthday

You're the Best!

Thank You

To Di Pose

New Baby



Custom vector illustrations for Egbert & Images to be added to the current Egbert & Alvina collection at :) Copyright © 2012 Egbert & Alvina. All rights reserved.

Holiday Specs Landing Page Illustration

This is a custom landing page illustration for a new website at  Copyright © 2012 Media Maison. All rights reserved.