Friday, June 13

Vector Figures: Sorority Ladies

© My Custom Parties
Vector graphics of sorority ladies created exclusively for "My Custom Parties."

Wednesday, June 11

Vector Figures: Poplolly Princesses

© Poplolly Princess
These four princesses were created for Poplolly Palace, a new kids bath line (coming soon). :)

Tuesday, June 10

Illustration: Editor Gal

© Very Crafty Gals
Illustration created for Very Crafty Gals' website, coming soon.

Monday, June 9

Illustration: Shopping Gal & Child

© Very Crafty Gals
Illustration created for Very Crafty Gals' website shopping page. Site coming soon!

Sunday, June 8

Four Seasons Wall Art

Collect all four seasons to make a cute wall display. Cherrywood 6"x6" frames with 4.25"x4.25" ceramic tiles. Purchase from

Friday, June 6

Logo Design: "Poplolly Palace"

© Poplolly Palace
Logo design for Poplolly Palace, a new kids bath line.

Thursday, June 5

Stock Art: Green Fairy

Buy Her! $5.00
This delicate little fairy has a scrap-book style with flowery charm. She can be purchased over at!

Wednesday, June 4

FREEbie: Web Background Pattern

Enjoy this free pattern to use on your website, blog, etc. :) See more FREE web backgrounds!

Tuesday, June 3

Logo Design: "Take Life Slow"

© Take Life Slow
A new logo design for "Take Life Slow," an upscale, trendy clothing company that is coming soon.

Monday, June 2

Kids Birthday Shirts: "Happy Birthday Cupcake"

© Kids Birthday
Adorable shirts with cupcake design for girl or boy. Fun, colorful sprinkles decorate chocolate icing, with cute wrapper. View all of our Kids Birthday Shirts!