Thursday, May 27

"The Book About Tony Chestnut" Wins another award!

"The Book About Tony Chestnut" just won the "2010 Tillywig TOP FUN Award."

This wonderfully illustrated book and read-a-long, sing-a-long CD will get your kids up on their feet, singing, dancing, wiggling, and laughing, as the hit children's song, Tony Chestnut, is brought to vivid, colorful, activity-inspiring life. The story begins with Tony and his little sister Eileen on their first day of school in a new neighborhood. Sitting on the playground surrounded by kids playing, Eileen's sadness over leaving old friends behind brings her to tears, BIG tears! After failing to cheer up Eileen with his usual tricks, Tony breaks through his shyness and performs a bold, brave, song and dance that engages all the kids, spreading smiles and laughter everywhere. The dance, illustrated in the book, follows the lyrics of the Tony Chestnut song (on the CD), in which children's names double as movement instructions (Pat - pat your shoulders, Neil - kneel, Skip . . .). A fantastic multi-sensory experience for all!

Tuesday, May 25

New Kids Birthday Shirts! "Cry Babies"

New Kids Birthday Shirts designs - "It's my party, I'll cry if I want to!" Available in blue or pink, with 3 different skin tones to choose from. Click here to shop.

Dollar Download: "Sunny Flowers"

This friendly, cheerful sun is spreading some warm sunshine over a little trio of spring flowers! CLICK TO BUY.

Monday, May 24


Copyright © Off the Vine
Illustration of stressed young woman trying to juggle multiple tasks at once while her little maltese runs away pulling her in even more directions.

Thursday, May 20

FREEbie: Facebook & Twitter Buttons

Download freebie Facebook & Twitter buttons to give your website a more custom look. Don't be boring... update your Facebook & Twitter buttons to one of our colorful, unique buttons! Mix and match to match your website just right.

Tuesday, May 18

Tree of Hearts Baby Announcement

Copyright © The Event Agenda
This is a custom baby announcement design with unique stylized tree made of delicate little hearts... paired with baby's announcement text. There are 2 variations of this design, one with a little birdie in tree, 1 with a pink swing.

Monday, May 17

Logo Design: Egbert & Alvina

Copyright © Broken Box Designs, LLC
Custom logo design for a new company called "Egbert & Alvina."

Friday, May 14

STOCK ART: Silhouette Bride With Bouquet

This bride is just lovely in her elegantly simple bridal gown, with pretty bouquet of flowers and hair in up do with delicate little veil. Silhouetted style makes this bride timeless and easy to use anywhere! CLICK TO BUY.

Thursday, May 13

Bottles Up! Tee Shirt Design

Copyright © Broken Box Designs
New Kids Birthday Shirts design for baby. "Bottles Up! It's My Birthday!". Available in blue, bib, tee and onesie...

and in pink :) Click images above to shop, or visit!

Monday, May 10


Copyright © Karen Taub
Hand drawn illustration of a woman relaxing with a glass of wine.

Wednesday, May 5

Cute Calling Cards - Order yours today!

Introducing, "Cute Calling Cards." Order yourself a set of these handy, Cute Calling Cards to help you: build your social network, express yourself, coordinate play dates, promote your blog or website and more! Plus, you get to customize your cards! Choose from 6 different hair styles, hair colors, skin tones and graphics color schemes.
Add your email, phone, address, facebook, twitter, blog address, etc. so that friends and new acquaintances will not forget your info! These cards are a convenient, handy little tool every gal should carry in their wallet.

To customize and order your Cute Calling Cards, visit: today!

Tuesday, May 4

Scribbly Cafe Sketch

Copyright © Broken Box Designs, LLC
This is a loose, scribbly, sketchy rendering of a cafe/bookstore...