Monday, June 28

Logo Design: My Dirty Dawg

Copyright 2010 My Dirty Dawg. All rights reserved.
Logo design for "My Dirty Dawg."

Thursday, June 24

New York City Icons

Copyright © 2010 Harvey Hutter, Co.
These are rough sketches for a New York City design showcasing key NY icons.

Tuesday, June 22


Copyright © 2010 Kendra G
This artwork will be used on a book cover for teens. Hand drawn in black pen, digitally colored. I'll post the cover when it is done :)

Thursday, June 17

New Buttons

Copyright © 2010 One Bath & Body.
Some new buttons for One Bath & Body to use on website, social networking sites and packaging.

Wednesday, June 16

"Spunky" The Hair Don't

Copyright © 2010 Broken Box Designs, LLC. All rights reserved.
This is the first illustration/inspiration for a kids book that I am writing, "Hair Don'ts." I think you get the picture... :)

Tuesday, June 15

Girl With Flag

Copyright © Broken Box Designs, LLC
A little belated "Flag Day" illustration... CLICK HERE to purchase this graphic.

Tuesday, June 8

A Year With Frog & Toad

Copyright © Adventure Theatre
This is a custom vector graphic created for Adventure Theatre's "A Year With Frog and Toad," in Glen Echo, Maryland.

Wednesday, June 2

the pARTsy! - Remodeled

My blog "the pARTsy!" just got a little makeover. New template, new header/logo and just overall an overhaul on the organization. Still tweaking some things but check it out if you have a min. I'd love to hear your feedback :)