Friday, May 30

Bougie Boutique Gift Card Illustrations

© Bougie Boutique
Still a work in progress... these are gift cards for Bougie Boutique. More to come :)

Thursday, May 29

Children's Book: "The Freestyle King!"

© Theresa Corvino - All rights reserved.
This is a book cover design/illustration for "The Freestyle King!" written by Theresa Corvino. The book is 35 pages, full color, more to come on this soon!

Tuesday, May 27

Monogram Designs

© Dainty Expressions
Sample monogram designs from the Dainty Expressions new monogram line.

Wednesday, May 21

Vector Figure: Girl Holding Balloon Arch

© Owah Productions
Custom vector figure of girl designed after client, holding balloon arch.

Tuesday, May 20

Tee-Shirt Design: Kewl Lingo Clothing

© BeeCome United
T-shirt line designed for Kewl Lingo Clothing. Checkout more at

Monday, May 19

Website Makeover:

© 2008
This is a logo redesign and website makeover for The above website photo is the updated version, the one beneath is the "before." Items redesigned include: logo, website header, background, navigational buttons, cart buttons, advertising/newsletter banner, croc shoe charm banner, etc. This new design should soon be live at

Friday, May 16

Logo Design: "Very Crafty Gals"

© Very Crafty Gals
Logo Design to go with character in previous post.

Monday, May 12

"Paper Doll Pizzaz" By Tazetta

© Tazetta All Rights Reserved (original game & graphics).
Custom graphics for original paper doll game by Tazetta "Paper Doll Pizzaz."

Friday, May 9

Thursday, May 8

Kids Art Project: "Mother's Day (Yogurt Container) Seed Pots"

These precious little seed cups make a great gift for Mom... any day, or for Mother's Day! Visit for instructions!

FREEbie Friday is back tomorrow!

We're a little behind on FREEbie Friday... so, 3 FREE images will be posted to Broken Box Stock tomorrow. :)

Toy Hang Tags

© 2008 Harvey Hutter Co.
This is a work in progress hang tag design for new toy at Harvey Hutter Co.

Monday, May 5

Design Tip: Test your website in different browsers

This is a MUST do, for anyone with a website. Every browser displays sites a little differently, so to be sure your website is displaying properly on common browsers, I recommend Browser

Browser is a FREE online service that makes screenshots of your web design in different browsers. Just submit your web address, and screenshots from the browsers you select will be made! Then preview each screenshot and make sure your site is displaying as you designed.

Friday, May 2

Character Illustration: "Very Crafty Gals"

© Very Crafty Gals™
This illustration was created for the Very Crafty Gals™ website/home page. Oval next to character will be filled with content about the company.

Thursday, May 1

Architecture Rendering: Commercial Property

© The Woodruff Companies
Rendering of commercial property for rent. Created for The Woodruff Companies.