Thursday, January 31

Stationery Trio

© 2008 Future Oxygen Cards
Colorful stationery trio designed for Future Oxygen Cards. Wait till we tell you what the rectangular "pods" do! More information on that coming with the launch of Future Oxygen Cards' site.

Wednesday, January 30

Greeting Card Design

© 2008 Future Oxygen Cards
Simplistic, modern and retro style. A graduation themed greeting card created for "Future Oxygen Cards."

Monday, January 28

Custom Painted Murals: Medina, Ohio

My sister and very talented muralist, Jill Greenfelder, is busy booking custom mural painting jobs. She primarily paints in the Akron/Canton and Cleveland, Ohio areas. Many of her jobs come from the Medina, Ohio areas. However, her travel radius is about 60 miles. Call or email her today with mural inquiries, either for your home or work!
Phone: 330-666-9976 Email:

Sunday, January 27

Broken Box

Introducing our new stock shop, "Broken Box Stock." Here you will find ready-to-buy, illustrations and designs at great prices! Best of all, the stock art is unique products of Broken Box Designs. So you can buy stock art, but "they won't know it's stock!" Take a look, and be sure to bookmark the stock shop, as new images will be added daily!

Saturday, January 26

Deep Sea Mermaid Mural

This magical, brightly colored mermaid mural was custom painted for a little girl's bedroom. Features one main mural with several other complimenting ones. Truly a unique work of art! Create unique themes in any room with these custom ordered murals.

Wednesday, January 23

Children's Castle Mural

This mural was custom painted for a little girl's princess themed room. Order any design for your home today! We will work with you to create the perfect mural for your room!

Custom Portraits

This portrait banner was created for a client to use on personal blog as header. Created from the family photos, this illustration is simple, cartoon-like and colorful.

Friday, January 18

Custom Web Navigational Buttons

© 2008 Dainty Expressions
Custom navigation buttons and shopping buttons are a great way to add uniqueness to your website. Also a great way to unify your site and create a more professional looking website.

Tuesday, January 15

SnapShot Sketch: "Our Wedding Day"

Have your favorite photo converted into a little work of art! SnapShot sketches are photographs simplified into whimsical, sketchy, abstract lines. Then, splashed with a touch of color to create a stylized work of art! They are perfect: as framed artwork, to create invites and cards, for scrapbooking, as personal clipart, for gift giving, on your website, blogging... Order today! :)

Monday, January 14

Shop: "Love" Scroll, Raglan Tee

This delicate vintage top, is sure to deliver your special message. Celebrate love in this simplistic shirt!

Friday, January 11

"Box of Love", Framed Tile

An abstract way of saying "I love you." Celebrate love with this cute, hand-drawn, heart patterned tile.

Wednesday, January 9

Stationery Illustration & Design

Above is a little sampling of some stationery designs I created for "Dainty Expressions." Simple, whimsical designs and illustrations compose cute stationery layouts. The "Dainty Expressions" website is still in progress, but I will definitely post their link when site launches!

Monday, January 7

Kids Art Projects: "Funky Pen & Pencil Containter"

©2008 Broken Box Designs™

New Year's Resolution: "Get Organized Kids!" Eliminate clutter and organize your desk with these fun to make pen/pencil containers. Plus, ad a little pizzaz to your desk with bright colors and shiny embellishments!

- empty coffee canister (was with soap before using)
- scrap paper (from magazines, catalogs, junk mail, construction paper, etc)
- washable markers
- tape or double sided adhesive dots (find in scrapbook aisle)
- plastic beads, rhinestones, buttons, or any other fun embellishment

1) Peel off coffee label if possible and clean canister w/soap and water. Towel dry.
2) Pick a fun colored paper or patterned paper and cut a piece of paper to wrap around canister as covering. Tape one end of the paper to the other to secure in place. Glue also works on the canister to secure, but is a little messy.
3) Decorate outside by taping fun colored papers, patterns, shapes, and decals to canister. Be creative and remember that anything works! Have fun mixing funky colors and patterns to create a unique piece of art!
4) Finish off your design with little buttons, rhinestones, glitter, yarn, beads or whatever else you want!
5) Doodle designs, your name maybe? with colorful markers or crayon. This really adds that unique touch!
6) Finished! Now just toss in your pens, pencils, sissors, etc and plaace this on your desk to stay organized.

Have fun!! :)