Wednesday, October 31

Children's Book Illustrations

Custom illustration samples for the children's book, "Lulu the Crab Has A New Shell." Copyright © 2012 Lina Cristancho. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, October 24

Custom Family Logo - Greeting Cards

These are Custom Family Logo greeting cards using a customer's "Custom Family Logo" as the base design. Logo was customized for Halloween & Thanksgiving to create these cute note cards.

Order your Custom Family Logo at!
Copyright © 2012 Broken Box Designs, LLC. All rights reserved.

Friday, October 19

Cleveland Children's Map

This is a custom map of Cleveland, illustrated in a child-friendly style. The printed piece is 11' x 10' big, covering an entire wall (similar to wallpaper). I illustrated the entire map. KSK Visual Ingenuity printed and installed the piece.

The map features over 30 of Cleveland's most well known child friendly attractions and locations... such as: our wonderful Zoo here in Cleveland, the Aquarium, sports stadiums (Go Browns!), Lolly the Trolly, Science Center...

... Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, our many museums, shopping malls, Metroparks, nature centers and nature preserves...

... and so on! :) The map is a vector illustration. Copyright © 2012 KSK Visual Ingenuity. All rights reserved.

Friday, October 12

Custom Save the Date

This is a custom save the date for a wedding on North Fork, Long Island.

The stylized, whimsical map shows locations of where the couple first me, had their first date, got engaged, etc.

A parade leads us over to Long Island where the wedding will take place on 6/15/13. Copyright © 2012 Nithya George. All rights reserved.

Monday, October 8

One Little Mailbox - A wonderful new tradition to start with your child!

One Little Mailbox is a new keepsake product by Treasured Passages. It is sure to be loved by children of all ages throughout their entire childhood! 

So - What is One Little Mailbox?
Read the storybook, "The Surprise Inside," (included in the kit) to meet Sam. In the story, Sam receives a mailbox from the Treasure Fairy. This mysterious Treasure Fairy uses the mailbox to communicate with Sam, by leaving messages and treasures for him in his mailbox. Sam's family discovers how they too can leave messages and surprises in the mailbox for Sam! - Opening a whole new channel of communication for Sam and his loved ones. Sam also finds many creative uses for his mailbox such as: writing a note to Santa, leaving a gift for the Treasure Fairy, talking to his grandparents and more!

In a world of text messages and emails, this refreshing new product is JUST what families need to cherish the art of a hand written note or letter and appreciate more intimate forms of communication.

How do you use One Little Mailbox?
1) Read the included storybook to your child.
2) Shhhhh... secretly place the mailbox outside your child's room.
3) Start leaving notes and treasures in the mailbox for your child (and don't forget to put the flag up)!

One Little Mailbox kit includes: 
Mailbox, storybook, 10 birthday cards, 4 encouragement tags and 15 keepsake cards to be completed by grandparents, parents and siblings. 
Treasured Passages is a wonderful company, specializing in keepsake gifts. They are best known for their "Letter Books" and have been featured on the Today Show, E! News (Giuliana's fav gift pick for parents), to name a few. Their new product "One Little Mailbox" is expected to receive just as much recognition in terms of top gift picks!

I had the pleasure of working for Treasured Passages to illustrate this wonderful children's book and design the packaging, mailbox and additional greeting cards, tags, etc. that are included in this unique kit. The high quality of this product is sturdy and very colorful.

How to buy One Little Mailbox:

Copyright © 2012 Treasured Passages. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, October 2

Kiddie Cafe Logo

Custom logo design for Kiddie Cafe. Design features two logo versions: one with an octopus and one with a monkey. Copyright © 2012 Kiddie Cafe. All rights reserved.