Monday, March 30


© Broken Box Designs™
This is my new shop "Fuzz Wads" (little bundles of fun). The shop features my "Fuzz Wad" characters doing all sorts of things and eventually there will be a Fuzz Wad to satisfy everyone (that's my goal). Fuzz Wads are cute, quirky and edgy at times (such as the "Wine Connoisseur" who is chugging a bottle of wine). Yes, they are warm and fuzzy... but some will also showcase bad habits and funny characteristics that you'll grow to love! ;)

They are broken into categories such as: everyday, holidays, hobbies, mommas, pappas, fanatics, etc. If you like what you see, you might want to bookmark the site or subscribe to the "Fuzz Wad Blog" and see if the next Fuzz Wad design is for you!

Thursday, March 26

Purse Vector Graphics

© Your Purse Connection.
This colorful set of six purses is to jazz up Your Purse Connection's website and business materials. ;)

Monday, March 23

Children's Book Illustration

© Baby Love's Cupcakes
This is a children's book illustration for an upcoming cookbook. The characters are modeled from Baby Love's actual family :)

Friday, March 20

Children's Book Character Sketch

This is a new character sketch for upcoming children's book. Rendered in black pen, colored digitally. More illustrations to follow :) © Theresa Corvino.

Tuesday, March 17

Children's Book Illustration

© Baby Love's Cupcakes. Children's book illustration of a cupcake bakeshop storefront with tiers of cupcakes showcased in window.

Friday, March 13

Cookbook Cover

© Baby Love's Cupcakes

Wednesday, March 11

Monday, March 9

Blog Header Concepts

© Very Crafty Gals
Blog header concepts for Very Crafty Gals.

Thursday, March 5

Momma Tees

© Broken Box Designs
Are you a Momma? Check out our new "Momma of #" tees! There are tees, hoodies, mugs, bags, etc for Mommas of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6! If you need a version that isn't listed, just contact me and I'll make you one :)