Monday, April 28

T-Shirt Design: "My Aunt Loves Me"

© Clever Cuties
"My Aunt Loves Me" t-shirt design for Clever

Wednesday, April 23

Logo Design: Cool Charmz

© Cool Charmz
Logo re-design for More graphics coming soon and a remodeled website!

Monday, April 21

Shop: "Book of Dreams" Doodle Diary

This delicate little book is ideal for jotting down all of your dreams, thoughts, doodles, etc. Cover reads "Book of Dreams" and features hand-drawn sketch of my cat, Luigi, napping :) Shop all of our Doodle Diaries!

Vector Figures: Bon Bon Cupcake Girls

© Bon Bon Cupcakes
Vector figure trio set created for Bon Bon Cupcakes to model their unique microfiber ruffle leggings. Checkout Bon Bon Cupcakes!

Friday, April 18

Logo Design: Snuggle Baby

© Snuggle Baby
"Snuggle Baby" logo design for company selling wide variety of baby products.

Wednesday, April 16

Shop: Broken Box Designs Shop

Broken Box Designs™ exclusive collection of designs adorning fashionable tees & tops, framed prints & posters, cards and more! Find gifts for a variety of occassions including: Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas, Mother's Day, and Valentines Day.

Monday, April 14

T-Shirt Design: "Green Girl"

© Save A Little Peace For Me
Hip little "green" t-shirt design just for girls! Visit the Save A Little Peace For Me. shop

Thursday, April 10

FREEbie Friday: Orange Puppy

FREE DOWNLOAD! Download Print File, Download Web File
This week's freebie is a cuddly little orange puppy. He's sure to bring you a splash of color, wherever you might need some. Want more puppies? Buy the whole set of six! Visit Broken Box Stock for more stock art & freebies!

Logo Design: Houston Fruits of Labor

© Houston Fruits of Labor
Logo design for Houston Fruits of Labor, a nonprofit organization with a mission of creating cleaner, safer neighborhoods within Houston. The initiative is to clear dangerous lots of debris and overgrowth, and plant fruit trees on the property of such lots. Concept encourages neighbors to enjoy the fruit and become more involved in their community. I'll add a link when their site is finished. :)

Wednesday, April 9

Design Tip: Start With Pencil

No matter what you are sketching, designing, brainstorming, writing… I'm a firm believer in starting with pencil. Using pencil in the first stages of design can be the difference of an OK idea to something amazing!

Ideas flow more freely when not constricted to the limits of a computer. The computer can be used to MAKE anything you might think up, but can't THINK for you. Nothing compares to the open minded creativity that flows from the tip of a good old fashioned pencil on paper. Next time you design something, get away from the computer and start with pencil!

Friday, April 4

FREEbie Friday: Shopper Girl

FREE DOWNLOAD! Download Print File, Download Web File
This cheerful girl is on a shopping spree! Fun, colorful, hand-drawn style. Enjoy this Friday's FREE download. :)

Wednesday, April 2

Illustration: "Priceless Mom"

© Josslan Designs
This illustration was created for Josslan Designs just in time for Mother's Day! Purchase products featuring this unique design just in time for Mom!