Tuesday, September 30

Monday, September 29

Weekend Painting: "Blue"

This is my latest painting titled "Blue." For purchasing info and details please visit my Etsy shop.

Saturday, September 27

Caucasian Webily

$25.00 (1 print/web file per Webily member)
These fun, colorful Webily characters work perfect on family blogs and websites. Customize your blog header with Webily characters or add them to your "My Space" page, scrapbook, etc! More Webily versions and extras coming soon! Purchase at www.BrokenBoxStock.com

Friday, September 26

Invitations: Wedding Line

© Dainty Expressions
Designs created for Dainty Expressions' greeting card wedding line.

Thursday, September 25

Tuesday, September 23

Invitation: "Girl's Night Out"

© Dainty Expressions
"Girl's Night Out" invitation for Dainty Expressions' wedding line.

Monday, September 22

Saturday, September 20

Buy It! "A Girl's Purse"

$20.00 (1 print/web file per graphic)
This colorful girly collection includes 22 different files: 8 trendy purses, clutch purse, coin purse, compact, notepad/pen, lipstick, cell phone, keys, compact, hairbrush, dollar bills, coins and 4 website icons! This set is a must-have to dress up any girly site or shop on the web! Purchase this set at www.brokenboxstock.com

Friday, September 19

FREEbie Friday: "Dolphin Splash!"

Happy Friday! This cute, crayon-style dolphin illustration will add a little splash to your designs! Download FREE Web & Print Files
Visit BrokenBoxStock.com for more stock art/illustration!

Thursday, September 18

Tee-Shirt Design: "Just Hatched!"

© CleverCuties.com
Baby Dinosaurs "Just Hatched" from their eggs. These designs are part of a family dinosaur line from CleverCuties.com. Other dinos available include:
"I'm the BIG Brother"
"I'm the BIGGEST Brother"
"I'm the Little Brother"
"I'm Going To Be A Big Brother"
"I'm Going To Be A Big Cousin"
"I'm the Dad"
.... and the girl versions as well!

Tuesday, September 16

Join the pARTsy!

My love and obsession with art and "artsy" things inspired me to create "the pARTsy!" What the heck is "the pARTsy?" ... It is a celebration of artsy products found online (party + artsy = pARTsy!). My collection is just getting started, be sure to subscribe for updates :) Click here to mingle at thepartsy.com!

Children's Book Illustrations: "One Man Band"

© Theresa Corvino
Children's book illustration of a one-man-band. In this story the character played in a talent show. :)

Saturday, September 13

Buy It! "Simple Kids"

$5.00 (1 print/web file per kid)
These little kids are plain and simple but cool. Add their smiling faces to your site, your blog... your scrapbook page - wherever!
Purchase them at BrokenBoxStock.com

Friday, September 12

Children's Book Illustrations: 2 pages

© Theresa Corvino
Here are 2 more children's book illustrations for a 3 book series coming soon! I the first illustration the kids are raking leaves to earn money for a talent show. In the 2nd illustration the kids are patiently waiting and listening to their friend explain an idea.

Thursday, September 11

Logo Design: "My Love Goddess"

Photobucket Image Hosting
© My Love Goddess
This is a logo design for "My Love Goddess," a website that will sell astrology and numerology relationship reports as well as tarot readings and free love advice.

Wednesday, September 10

Become a BBD Blog Follower...

Do you read my blog? If so, become an official "BBD Blog Follower!" Just add your profile to the follower list on the right hand column and your thumbnail picture will appear (linking to your profile)! This is a great way to network! :)

Tuesday, September 9

Illustration: "Reading Room"

© Very Crafty Gals
Another illustration for "Very Crafty Gals" ... this one for their "Reading Room." Can't wait to see the site when it is finished, it's quite crafty! ;)

Monday, September 8

Green Art Box.com

"Green Art Box.com" is a collection of environmentally friendly kids' art projects that are; clever, imaginative and easy-to-create! Inspired by the reuse of common household recyclables, this website is a handy resource for teachers, parents and home-school art curriculums. New projects are added weekly, check it out!

Thursday, September 4

Illustration: "Being Crafty"

© Very Crafty Gals
This is another illustration for "Very Crafty Gals" to be used on their website in the "Being Crafty" section... to convey a hint of magical "craftiness." ;)

Initialed Mousepads

Brightly colored scroll-lettered mousepads will add a little pep to any desk! Available A-Z. Buy your initial today to personalize your workspace!

Wednesday, September 3

Buy It! "12 Birthday Flowers"

$12.00 (1 print/web file per flower)
12 hand-drawn birthday flowers for each month. Shop more stock at BrokenBoxStock.com!

Monday, September 1

Bougie Boutique Gift Card Illustration

© Bougie Boutique
Custom gift card illustration for the Holidays.