Friday, January 29

Transportation Vector Graphics Set

Copyright © Industry Portals
Set of transportation vehicles in simple, colorful, cartoon style.

Wednesday, January 27

Hug From Miss Sugar Chiffon

Copyright © Baby Love's Cupcakes
If you've ever owned a kitty you know how wonderful it is to hug your furry friend. Baby Love and Miss Sugar Chiffon are having a big hug. Checkout Baby Love's Cupcakes website and gift shop for more fun designs like this.

Wednesday, January 20

Create This Label

Copyright © Broken Box Designs™
Click the above image to learn how to make this cute label using one of our latest stock art graphics :)

Chirp Greeting Cards

Copyright © Broken Box Designs, LLC™
Card designs using "Chirp" birds from Broken Box Stock.

Friday, January 15

Out With the Old, In With the New...

(Pictured Above) The "Busy Teacher Cafe" current/old site...
(Pictured Above) Their new site (a work in progress). Basically a "makeover" for their current site at As you can see they are going with an all new look!

(Pictured Above) A zoom on the custom illustrations for Busy Teacher Cafe. Copyright © Busy Teacher Cafe

Monday, January 11

The Book About Tony Chestnut

© Copyright 2010 The Learning Station
This is a new children's book from The Learning Station that I illustrated. The Learning Station is a joy to work with, the make work seem like play! Can't wait to see Tony's new book in print - how exciting!

"Hello to all of my friends!

I'm so excited about my super, fun news that I can't stop singing!! You better sit down because this is REALLY exciting. Okay here it is...

You can now visit me online, anytime at my new home. My address is simply, and you are always welcome to drop by, anytime. I'd love for you to meet my little, sister Eileen and all of my friends -- Neil, Pat, Bob, Russell and Skip!

There are lots to do too! I have silly videos of people singing and dancing to my song (Even a newborn baby!); you can read all about me, visit websites of some of my best buddies like Kimbo Educational, The Brain Way and Teaching Loving Discipline. Even meet Wendy Sefcik, the illustrator that created my cute face! And, don't forget to visit my Lyrics and Activities page where we can all do my Toe Knee Chest Nut dance!! There's no need to knock, just walk right in and prepare to... Laugh! Sing! & Dance! I'll be there ready to greet you with my silly monkey face!

See you soon at!

Tony Chestnut"

- The Learning Station

Wednesday, January 6

Make These Cute Cards

Click image above to learn how you can make this cute card with our newest stock art illustration, "Purrfect Pet Toodles"...

Clickity click ;)

Tuesday, January 5

Birthday Card - Birthday Cake Illustration

Copyright © Greetings By Pamela
This is a custom illustrated Birthday cake illustration created for "Greetings By Pamela." It is hand illustrated, digitally colored. Yummm - now I could go for a piece of cake!

Monday, January 4

New Vector Character for "The Natural Girl"

Copyright © The Natural Girl
This is a new character for The Natural Girl, modeled after one of The Natural Girl's owners. ;)

Sunday, January 3

"Blanket Palz" Packaging Wrap

Copyright © Harvey Hutter Co
This is a packaging label/wrap for "Blanket Palz" - a new line of stuffy and fleece blanket.