Thursday, June 19

Custom Designed Vector Logo

Custom designed vector logo for "Fun Sized Sweets & Treats". Copyright © 2014 Fun Sized Sweets & Treats. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, May 21

Tongue Twits Flash Cards

Custom vector illustrations for Tongue Twits' flash card game featuring three dogs in a roller coaster. 

Copyright © 2014 Tongue Twits. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, April 23

Single Moms Rock Logo

Custom logo design for Single Moms Rock. Featuring custom vector character portrait and logo lettering.  Copyright © 2014 Single Moms Rock. All rights reserved.

Friday, April 4

Custom Family Drawing

Custom drawn family portrait. Order yours today, just go to :)
Copyright © 2014 Cari Wilburn. All rights reserved.

Monday, March 3

Cartoon Fox Illustrations

Custom fox illustrations for The ADDiva Network.