Wednesday, February 24

Custom Toodle-Style Character

Copyright © Terri Thomas
This is a Toodle-style custom character of great client, "Terri Thomas." Terri is an author, among many other things! ;)

Tuesday, February 23

Cityscape Sketch

Copyright © Innovation Evolving, Inc.
This is a rough sketch of a loose/sketchy cityscape in pencil. It's pretty wide so the righthand side is cropped off. ;)

Friday, February 12

Monkey Pattern

Copyright © Harvey Hutter Co.
Monkey fabric design in 4 colors, with cute cartoon monkeys and bananas.

Tuesday, February 9

Beach Inspired Tee Shirt Designs

Copyright © Take Life Slow
This is a set of beach inspired, simple tee shirt designs done in one color. Customized for Rehoboth Beach.

Saturday, February 6

13.5" Of Snow

Just had to share... all of this snow came over night! ;) Thank God for snow blowers!

Thursday, February 4 - Remodeled

Checkout our newly remodeled website featuring more portfolio samples, easier portfolio viewing with slideshows and a fresh, clean layout for the pages.

Feedback, suggestions, comments - all welcome!

Wednesday, February 3

Sneak Peek Illustration...

Copyright © Broken Box Designs, LLC
This is a sneak peek illustration from a children's book I hope to finish by the end of the year. The illustration is hand drawn as well as hand colored with colored pencil. I'm not going to give away and hints into the story but wanted to share a finished illustration. The great thing about these illustrations is that I don't have to be "glued" to my computer, as everything is being done by hand. ;)

Monday, February 1

Cartoon Animals Vector Set

Copyright © Industry Portals
This is a custom set of cute animals in simple, colorful, cartoon style.