Wednesday, September 28

Grandpa Ed

My Mom recently gave me the most special gift, an original watercolor that my Grandpa Ed did when he was about 13.
I remember looking at this painting in his house when I was a kid and so to have it now and be able to showcase it in my own home is just really special. Grandpa Ed passed his artistic talent down to my Mom and then to me and all of my sisters.
Jill (one of my sisters) and I are lucky enough to be able to make careers out of these talents. However, I think all 4 of my sisters have Grandpa Ed's imagination and creativity. Grandpa Ed was truly an amazing guy in sooooooo many other ways that I will always remember him for.

Copyright © 2011 Grandpa Ed. All rights reserved.

Friday, September 23

New Bangles!

For all of the pink-loving ladies out there... this bangle is for you.
Blue + orange = Blorange. This one-of-a-kind bangle features an artistic mix of complimentary blue & orange beads.
Sometimes things aren't "Black & White," sometimes they are.

Tuesday, September 20

Rough Sketch of Woman Playing the Flute

This is a rough sketch for a flute group called "Acid Reign Campaign." This image will be used in the group's logo. ;)
Copyright © 2011 Terri Thomas. All rights reserved.

Friday, September 16

Book Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to David Griffin for answering our Giveaway riddle correctly and winning a signed copy of "Invisible Isabelle!"

* The Riddle: *
When tall, I'll fall, so I travel along the floor on four.

* The Answer: *
Leo - Isabelle's baby brother

Thursday, September 8

Character Illustration for Lillian Taylor Cosmetics

This is a custom character illustration depicting "Lily" of Lillian Taylor Cosmetics. This shows her personal and professional "sides."
Copyright © 2011 Lillian Taylor Cosmetics. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, September 7

"Invisible Isabelle" Children's Book Giveaway

"Invisible Isabelle" is a children's book about bullying, acceptance & individuality. It features 28 brightly colored pages and is geared for ages 5+. Written & illustrated by Wendy Sefcik ;)

Want to win an autographed copy of "Invisible Isabelle?" The first two people that answer the riddle below correctly will win a FREE copy! Just fill out the short form below with your information and answer to the riddle. - One answer per person. Good luck!

* The Riddle: *
When tall, I'll fall, so I travel along the floor on four.

Resources that might help solve the riddle:
Isabelle's Facebook Page