Monday, October 29

"Eat. Sleep. Knit" (Logo & Web Design)

I recently created Eat. Sleep. Knit's logo design and website layout. Website layout meaning: navigational buttons, shop buttons, special graphics, background image, template layout, etc. "Eat. Sleep. Knit" built their website, I just created the basic look and feel in Illustrator... passed it on to the web builder and they activated it properly for the web. Click the images above to visit their site! So, since I'm not a web programmer, some of the details were worked out during the publishing process. I just provided the main template. - Or, what I consider, the "fun part." ;)

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Erin said...

Hey Wendy! I just saw this posted because I came over to let you know the site was live and make sure you approved of the changes I had to make to the content portion of the pages before I linked your site from the footer, but I guess you already saw! :-) Thanks for the mention, and I'll get the link working later today. By the way, I get *so* many compliments on the design of the site and all of the illustrations, you really did a phenomenal job.