Monday, March 30


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This is my new shop "Fuzz Wads" (little bundles of fun). The shop features my "Fuzz Wad" characters doing all sorts of things and eventually there will be a Fuzz Wad to satisfy everyone (that's my goal). Fuzz Wads are cute, quirky and edgy at times (such as the "Wine Connoisseur" who is chugging a bottle of wine). Yes, they are warm and fuzzy... but some will also showcase bad habits and funny characteristics that you'll grow to love! ;)

They are broken into categories such as: everyday, holidays, hobbies, mommas, pappas, fanatics, etc. If you like what you see, you might want to bookmark the site or subscribe to the "Fuzz Wad Blog" and see if the next Fuzz Wad design is for you!

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