Thursday, May 27

"The Book About Tony Chestnut" Wins another award!

"The Book About Tony Chestnut" just won the "2010 Tillywig TOP FUN Award."

This wonderfully illustrated book and read-a-long, sing-a-long CD will get your kids up on their feet, singing, dancing, wiggling, and laughing, as the hit children's song, Tony Chestnut, is brought to vivid, colorful, activity-inspiring life. The story begins with Tony and his little sister Eileen on their first day of school in a new neighborhood. Sitting on the playground surrounded by kids playing, Eileen's sadness over leaving old friends behind brings her to tears, BIG tears! After failing to cheer up Eileen with his usual tricks, Tony breaks through his shyness and performs a bold, brave, song and dance that engages all the kids, spreading smiles and laughter everywhere. The dance, illustrated in the book, follows the lyrics of the Tony Chestnut song (on the CD), in which children's names double as movement instructions (Pat - pat your shoulders, Neil - kneel, Skip . . .). A fantastic multi-sensory experience for all!

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Laurie Monopoli said...

All of us here at The Learning Station want to personally thank you for bringing our award winning song, Tony Chestnut, to amazing, multi award-winning, storybook life! Children throughout the world are fully falling in love with your brilliant illustrations that delightfully capture the heart and true meaning of childhood!