Monday, October 25

From rough sketch to website header... another desk drawing!

Rough sketch of Kelly's desk..., colorized illustration...

End product = website header for "Travel Manager," Kelly Low.
Copyright © 2010 Kelly Low. All rights reserved.

PS: I just LOVE illustrating customers' desks. Gives me a glimpse into their world... or their desk I should say. I believe our desks are a reflection of us (the good and the bad is on my desk!) ;) What's on your desk? Is it tidy, messy, cluttered, disaster? What is the strangest thing on your desk? Is your desk wood, metal, plastic, fake wood? ;) Hummmm....

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DebC said...

Wendy...your stuff is FABULOUS! i love to visit your blog and am always facinated! Keep up the good work!
I am going to get you to design my blog!