Saturday, March 15

"Dear Diary Dee"

Introducing "Dear Diary Dee," written & illustrated by (me). ;)
The story of "Dee"... is about a beautiful, 25 year-old, klutzy young woman, just barely getting by in a bustling city. She can't catch a break, and each way she turns another obstacle awaits. Dee is a mess. Her life is chaotic and disheveled, and never seems to go her way. Her personal diary will be the key to unlocking all her dreams and aspirations.

"Dear Diary Dee" was inspired by my love of sketching and the old fashioned comic strips that told a story to be continued every week. I wanted to create a fun, inspirational, yet realistic, online book that might be read while sipping that first cup of coffee every morning. My hope is for readers to enjoy both the illustrations and short "entries" posted several times a week (as time permits). ;) Dee's entries in her diary will be short and simple, to slowly build the plot and develop into an addictive modernized soap-opera style story. Dee is fictional, but will be easy to relate to in many ways. Her life isn't a fairy tale that makes you want to gag... and it isn't overly dramatic, it's "real" (but with some fictional creativity). So bookmark/subscribe to, to follow the story of Dee. ;)

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